Package solutions

Package solutions: Pre packed and ready to go. From one set with a wall mount to a full team set. Pick one and be ready for the best shoulder training ever existed.

 Newton Fitness Package Solutions.

Package Solutions for the Fitness Center or the Sports association are increasingly in demand. We are now making a few of our High runner solutions into an easy One Click Solution.

Newton Fitness Indian Club’s package solutions give you your new training gear packed in the sizes and numbers you need to get maximum benefit from your purchase to the Fitness Center or sports club. Whether I will use 5 sets of Indian Clubs or 100 Set We can deliver within a short time. 2-4 weeks for larger orders and day to day of up to 20 sets. Do you need to buy one of our skilled instructors, or get one of your coaches/fitness instructors trained with us? The Training is divided into 3 modules and can be implemented individually or in context.

  • Module 1. Basic Team Training
  • Module2. Team Training for Intermediate
  • Module 3. Indian Clubs for proffesionels

The Price is 2500 DKK Including VAT per module. You can read more and buy a training course right here. Did you not expect what you were looking for on this site? So do not hesitate to contact us by phone number: 30263386 or send an email to info@newtonfitness.dk

We’re always ready with advice and guidance to make sure you’re buying just the right product for your needs.

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